The Hive House began as an alternative school that sought to inspire Bertie’s young black youth to reinvest in their education. In an area that lacks recreational facilities and extracurricular opportunities, the Hive Alternative School provided Bertie’s youth population with engaging activities and trustworthy, positive role models. The Hive served as a safe zone for students and their families, supplying them with the hope needed to pursue their passions and believe in their futures. When State funding fell short in 20**, the Hive had to come up with an innovative transformation so as to continue serving the Bertie community. We found our solution through a collaborative effort with the North Carolina Community Development Initiative, which received a development grant from the Kate B Reynolds Charitable Trust. Thanks to the funding and technical assistance from the Initiative, the Hive House is able to continue advancing our mission of empowering underserved communities in Bertie County.